The chaotic ramblings of a mother of 2. I am a stand-up comedian and lover of cheese, wine and laughing loudly. I fart a bit too.

Here I am – blogging away having a nice glass of red….

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ok ok ok … so like many a mother and a person who attemps to be funny for a living…. I am writing a bloggerty blog blog….Hello there!! 

righto…. let me say from the get go, I am very bad at spelling and my grammar is in the toilet (I blame it on my schooling in rural Australia, we prioritised sport and other non-literacy things over there) anyway anyway… I am much better at talking than writing, so apologies in advance for errors in words and stuff and shit….

So I will be writing about my glamourous life as a mother of 2 small children – it mainly involves me wiping poo, eating food which is largely cheese-based and either drinking wine or being in situations when I need wine….. you know – that sort of thing…. I am also a stand-up comedian… I am not on the telly or anything fancy( I was once on telly in Australia but that was years ago and the show was cancelled after 8 shows… I am over it now) – but I do lots of gigs at smelly pubs and small venues – people laugh at me and smile (they are mostly drunk) – and that is strange addiction that makes me return to the stage again and again …and it is a nice break from the poo and the kids…

I love being a mother – my kids are hilarious and cute… blah blah blah….it is a ridiculous ride of emotions on a daily basis…. but I like the thrill of not knowing if I will end the day a crazy cat-lady or a blissed-out earth mother……I am usually more crazy cat-lady… 

anyway – this is me!





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